A fresh toothbrush delivered to your mouth every month


A fresh toothbrush delivered to your mouth every month

A fresh new concept in toothbrushes

Have a beautifully designed, environmentally friendly bamboo handled toothbrush sent right to your door at the beginning of the month, every month

A one-year subscription costs just $32, delivering to anywhere in New Zealand


A toothbrush subscription delivery service

A toothbrush subscription delivery service


How does Freshbrush work?


You sign up to Freshbrush, using your credit card to pay $32 for your one-year subscription and $6.90 postage which covers all 12 deliveries.


You receive a new Freshbrush in the post each month, at the beginning of the month, along with oral health tips from the New Zealand Dental Association. Each month the colour of your Freshbrush is different.


After 12 months you're given the choice of whether to renew your Freshbrush subscription for another year.


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Get Freshbrush

Get Freshbrush

Choose from one of our four Freshbrush options...

...or give Freshbrush as a gift by selecting the gift option below. You'll get a gift code to either email to, or print out for, your lucky giftee.

Please note: All Freshbrushes are shipped at the beginning of the calendar month. Orders received after the 28th of the month will be sent in the following month's shipment.


Freshbrush Classic

One Freshbrush delivered to your door each month for one year.
$32 plus $6.90 shipping (covers all 12 deliveries)


Freshbrush Duo

Two differently coloured Freshbrushes delivered to your door each month for one year.
$55 plus $6.90 shipping (covers all 12 deliveries)


Half Freshbrush

One Freshbrush delivered to your door every second month for one year.
$25 plus $3.50 shipping (covers all 6 deliveries)


Try Freshbrush

A 3-month trial subscription - one Freshbrush delivered to your door each month for the next three months.
$10 plus $2 shipping


Gift Freshbrush

Yes, you kind, selfless thing, you can buy a Freshbrush subscription for somebody else's mouth. Choose your gift from the menu, then once you've completed payment, you'll be emailed a gift code that you can either forward on or print out and give to that lucky person.


Better for your mouth & better for the world

Better for your mouth & better for the world


Dentists recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging your teeth and gums. But soft bristles wear out quickly, leaving you with a ragged toothbrush well before its recommended three-month life is up.

With Freshbrush, you get soft bristles made of premium nylon (the toothbrush industry standard), and a new brush before those soft bristles wear out.


Every year the world throws away literally billions of toothbrushes - endless pieces of plastic that go straight into landfill. And every year we create billions of new sticks of plastic to replace them.

Each Freshbrush is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, a biodegradable and renewable material grown in a Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable bamboo innovation park.



"Not only is this a great toothbrush, it’s an environmentally conscious choice. I love the design and the vibrancy in the bristles – they bring a bit of fun to teeth hygiene, and because a beautiful new Freshbrush is delivered to your door every month, it's a great way for you and your family to become more engaged in looking after your oral health."


- Dr Sarah Cole, (BDS Otago), Alpers Dental, member of the New Zealand Dental Association

What Freshbrush subscribers are saying...

Wow! Best toothbrush ever. It's totally awesome. Funny how such a small thing can make that process enjoyable. Love every single part of my freshbrush. Love the packaging. Love the actual brush. Love the handle. Love the soft bristles. If you don't have need won't regret it.

- Jen, Christchurch


LOVE my Freshbrushes they are fantastic. Loving the brushes and the service, super great idea and really well executed.

-        Ayshea, Hamilton


Thanks Freshbrush team, I was holding on to my brush for waaaay too long before you came along :)

- Eve, Great Barrier Island


Used my first Freshbrush toothbrush today, and I sh*t you not, it's the best toothbrush I've ever had. And I've used a few in 42 years!

- Hamish, Christchurch


Very impressed with this service so far. Delivery has been efficient and the toothbrushes are great. It was also super easy to change my delivery address, which was appreciated.

- Mike, Queenstown


I love the price, and the colours, and the fact the handles can go into my compost bin… I would definitely recommend your subscription to others! Such a great idea.

- Olivia, Auckland


I absolutely love the convenience of it. Everyone's getting sick of hearing me talk about my Freshbrush!!

 - Stacey, Wellington


The toothbrush itself is great. The shape and size of the brush is good meaning I can get to those hard to reach places, the bristles are soft (which is something I look for in a toothbrush but can be hard to find!), and I love the aesthetics... bamboo handle and bright coloured bristles, nice!

- Ben, Auckland



I’m not usually one for corporate endorsements but Freshbrush has to be one of the coolest, most ingenious start-ups in New Zealand.

 - Marcelo, Otago


Made by New Zealand

Made by New Zealand


Annabel Hurman MSc (Hons), Founder & CEO

Annabel is a mother, biologist and New Zealander who grew tired of using a worn out toothbrush that she always forgot to replace, and found environmentally and aesthetically depressing. Working with leading innovation company Previously Unavailable, Annabel created Freshbrush to make a better toothbrush more convenient and affordable for everyone.


Designed in Auckland, manufactured responsibly in China

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